Craft CMS Pricing


For when you’re building a website for you or a friend.

Install Craft
  • Ultra-flexible content modeling
    Define custom content types, fields, and relations needed to perfectly contain your unique content requirements.
  • Powerful front-end tools
    Develop custom front-end templates with Twig, or use Craft as a headless CMS.
  • Multi-Site
    Run multiple related sites from a single installation, with shared content and user accounts.
  • Localization
    Cater to distinct audiences from around the world with Craft’s best-in-class localization capabilities.
  • Single admin account
    The Solo edition is limited to a single admin account.

For when you’re building something professionally for a client or team.

per project
Includes one year of updates.
$59/year for updates after that.
Upgrade in App
  • Everything in Solo plus:
  • Unlimited user accounts
    Create unlimited user accounts, user groups, user permissions, and public user registration.
  • Enhanced content previewing
    Preview your content from multiple targets, including single-page applications.
  • GraphQL API
    Make your content available to other applications with a self-generating GraphQL API.
  • System branding
    Personalize the Control Panel for your brand.
  • Basic Developer Support
    Get developer-to-developer support directly from the Craft CMS team.

For when the project has specific licensing requirements and needs.

Learn More
  • Everything in Pro plus:
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Procurement
  • Custom Licenses
  • Launch Support

Craft Commerce Pricing


For single-item transactions, like donations and one-off sales.

per project
Includes one year of updates.
$39/year for updates after that.
Buy Now
*Does not include Craft CMS license.
  • Donations
    Accept donations for predefined or custom amounts.
  • Products
    Create product types and variants, each with their own set of custom fields, a URL format, and other settings.
  • Subscriptions
    Sell access to content and services with Commerce's baked-in subscription features.
  • Custom Payment Gateways
    Choose from several supported gateways, or easily add support for another one with Commerce’s simple Gateway API.
  • Custom Checkout Process
    Design the checkout process that’s right for your store, whether it’s a simple one-page form or a multi-page monstrosity.

For custom, full-featured ecommerce experiences.

per project
Includes one year of updates.
$199/year for updates after that.
Buy Now
*Does not include Craft CMS license.
  • Everything in Lite plus:
  • Multi-item shopping cart
    Give customers the ability to manage their carts – adjust quantities, remove items, set notes and even set custom options on a per-line item basis.
  • Taxes & Shipping
    Define custom tax rules with flexible options, and set up multiple shipping methods based on category, cart contents, and custom rules.
  • Multi-Step Checkout Flow
    Design a custom step-by-step checkout process that's perfect for your store, and for your customers.
  • Sales & Discounts
    Offer coupon codes, special pricing per person or group, sale pricing, and even dynamic pricing based on conditional rules.

Pricing FAQ

How do I purchase Craft Pro? 

You can purchase Craft Pro by upgrading from within the app. Once you’ve downloaded Craft Solo, there will be a link at the bottom of every page in the Control Panel. This link will brings up a modal window that will walk you the whole process. If you need an alternate way to pay, please contact us, hello@​craftcms.​com.

Can I use Craft Solo for client work? 

Technically yes, however, we don’t recommend it. Craft Solo is meant to be a solution for developers to get to know Craft and create one-off sites for themselves and their friends. We do not recommend giving admin access to non-developers and therefore strongly recommend that any professional work is done on Craft Pro. This ensures the best experience for everyone.

Are Craft 2 Editions still available? 

Yes, Craft 2 is still available. Click here to download Craft 2 and read the documentation. Please note that the features listed on the Pricing page are for Craft 3 editions only. 

Can I try Craft Pro before buying? 

Yes, you can trial Craft Pro while your site is on non-public looking domain (e.g.” or stag​ing​.mysite​.com”). However, if you will need Developer Support throughout the development process we encourage you to purchase Craft Pro at the beginning of the project.

Are non-profit discounts available? 

Yes, we offer a flat 15% discount on Craft Pro for verified non-profits. Please note: The discount only applies to the license fee. We do not discount the License Update Renewal fee ($59 for an additional year). Please email hello@​craftcms.​com if you’re a verified non-profit to receive this discount.

Will there be an upgrade fee when major Craft CMS updates come out? 

Pro licenses come with one year of free License Updates. If a major edition comes out within that year, it’s included in the initial license cost. You can enable license updates for $59 per year. Please read how license and renewals work for details.

Can I purchase an edition locally, and then transfer it to production? 

Yes you can.

What is Basic Developer Support? 

Basic Developer Support is for developers who need dev to dev support directly from Craft. While our community is a great resource for questions via Craft Discord, Stack Exchange, and Github, Developer Support is email-based and answered directly from a member of the Craft CMS team. For Developers working with Craft professionally and in need of guaranteed response times we recommend a Pro or Premium Support Plan